The Unifi Protocol Migration phase 2 has been announced which means UP token can be swapped for UNFI. What impact will it have on UP and UNFI holders? Here is a quick overview:

UP Holders:

$UP is a redeemable pegged token on Unifi Protocol. This means UP is simply a representation of FEES generated by the trading activities that occur on Unifi. For UP to be generated, it should be backed by the fees generated by base token. …

Unifi Protocol has successfully implemented its multichain swap based on audited smart contracts. It is the rising star in DEFI space with a growing community. With any new and growing project there are challenges. In the swaps world, Liquidity is a valuable metric for all stakeholders and users of said…

Hello Galacticans! We are Galactic Gaming, a community of spacefarers who want to build a fair and transparent governance ecosystem. We have created a multi-chain, interoperable token, GGT, that utilizes the immutable and transparent nature of blockchain technology, to underpin a new emerging gaming economy.

Phew..! In short, we are coining, and leading a new movement in the blockchain space called Decentralized Gaming or DEGA. We believe this to be the next revolution after Decentralized Finance in the blockchain space, and we will be at the forefront of it.

Come join us on telegram, earn rewards and be a Galactican.

Another Galactican

Another spacefarer, a bringer of life and death.. and rewards!

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